We’re mobile!!


Last Monday, February 28th, Dylan began crawling like a champ and pulling up furniture. It’s amazing how that makes a difference! She is definitely keeping us on our toes. Talk about baby-proofing!

Since my last post, Dylan got her third double ear infection. This time it is gone for good…for the time being! Now we are battling a fungus type thingee on one of her hands, allergies and teething. She, again, is such a trooper.

Tonight, after Shawn went to work, I began to smell something like candles burning and noticed a haze in the kitchen. Well, after I called Shawn and my Daddy to the rescue, it turned out that a few baby bottle parts had gotten caught on the heating coil in the bottom of the dishwasher. Now I’m just dying to get the smell out of the house…it’s 40-something degrees outside! Burrrr!


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