Happy Belated Anniversary to Us!


Our first anniversary has come and gone. Actually, it was a week ago today (Monday). We thoroughly enjoyed our anniversary evening — very relaxed. We ordered our favorite, Outback take-out. Shawn even surprised me with Marble Slab ice cream for dessert! Yummy!

Traditionally, the gift for the first anniversary should be some sort of paper. I was proud we both took on the task. I bought Shawn one share of MGM stock. (The significance of MGM is that we stayed at the MGM Grand on our honeymoon in Vegas!) The stock (certificate) will be matted and framed….the FedEx man hasn’t delivered it yet. Oops!
Shawn gave me a gift certificate to Healing Touch Day Spa for and hour-long massage, manicure and pedicure. I was quick to make my appointment ASAP! So, I had a fabulous morning of pampering at the spa this past Saturday! Loved it!

On Tuesday (one day late), we ate the top of our wedding cake. *Disclaimer: we meant to eat it on Monday night, but forgot to thaw it out! Another oops!* Despite what most people say — it was awesome!

Here’s to many more anniversaries!

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