Spring "fever"


Spring is one of the best times of the year…if only it lasted longer. We have continued to keep ourselves busy around the house. All of our new plants are getting accustomed to their new homes. The azalea blooms have come and gone. They were absolutely beautiful. For about a week, we worked at trimming the azaleas back and clearing some undergrowth. Well, about a week ago, Shawn had to be at work early and I decided to work on some of the trimming by myself after work…which is usually no biggie. While I was going to town hauling branches and leaves, chiggers were going to town on my arms and legs. I just thought they were mosquito bites until my legs began to swell. Insect bites have never really bothered me. I guess since I got so many bites so quickly, I had a huge reaction. To make a long story short, my legs swelled like crazy. I had to have a steroid shot, tripled up on antihistamines and slathered myself in ointment. Now I look like I just got over a case of chicken pox. Oh well!

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