Catching up


We hope everyone has enjoyed their February, Leap Year and Valentines Day. Shawn and I enjoyed our first Valentines Day as a married couple. Shawn sent me roses to work and bought me a purse. He can never go wrong with getting me a purse and the roses were beautiful. I bought him a fishing pole. He ran into a few snags, literally, with it at first, but things are going much better now!

On the home front…we are still painting. For those of you who haven’t seen our freshly painted den, it has definitely made a significant difference. We are now working on painting the “border” under the patio. It used to be a blue tone and now we are going to a light greyish brown tone. It looks very nice. We are, also, putting a fresh coat of paint in the hall bathroom. We have definitely been keeping ourselves busy, but it has definitely been rewarding watching our progress. We will post progress pictures soon!

We hope all is well with everyone. Much love!

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