One month post-wedding


Well, the wedding has come and gone. I can’t believe that it is over. There was a lot of build-up for it to be over so quickly. We were so blessed to have our families and friends from all over join us in our special day. Of course, there were a few kinks in the parade. It started to rain as the wedding party began walking out, but luckily no one melted. Also, towards the middle of the ceremony a train rolled through downtown. It wouldn’t have been our wedding if there weren’t a few glitches. It was perfect.

As most of you know, we went to Las Vegas for our honeymoon. It was unbelievable. It was definitely a culture shock coming from Mississippi. We stayed at the MGM Grand. There was an actual lion’s den in our hotel. I think we watched the lions more than anything else. We had to stop and watch them at least twice a day! We also saw Cirque de Soleil and David Copperfield. Both shows were unbelievable! As soon as we get internet hooked up at the house, we’ll post some wedding and honeymoon pictures.

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  1. Found your blob by accident and enjoyed reading. We just celebrated our 44th anniversary… I am a M’ssippi girl, met a sailor in Pensacola, and he brought me to the midwest where we have lived all these years. Hope you have the best of everything in your next fortysomething years. 🙂

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