Shower, flowers & invites…oh my!


Sorry for the lagging posts! It’s beginning to get very hectic! Only one month to go!

The last couple of weekends have been a whirlwind! First of all, Mrs. Donna Reeves and Mrs. Sonya Gatlin threw the cutest lingerie shower on June 23rd. I got tons of cute “outfits,” ate wonderful food and had a great time with friends as family! Thanks ladies!

Also, invitations have gone out, premarital counseling is being attended and thank you notes are being mailed. Unfortunately, I missed one of my showers. The ladies of Westminster Presbyterian hosted an outstanding shower, I hear. It turns out I had the Roto virus. It was terrible. I finally got my appetite back on Tuesday. Blah.

Shawn went on his “Bachelor Weekend” this past weekend. They golfed, we to the boats, cooked out and tried their luck at playing cards. That’s all I wanna know!

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