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We’re mobile!!


Last Monday, February 28th, Dylan began crawling like a champ and pulling up furniture. It’s amazing how that makes a difference! She is definitely keeping us on our toes. Talk about baby-proofing!

Since my last post, Dylan got her third double ear infection. This time it is gone for good…for the time being! Now we are battling a fungus type thingee on one of her hands, allergies and teething. She, again, is such a trooper.

Tonight, after Shawn went to work, I began to smell something like candles burning and noticed a haze in the kitchen. Well, after I called Shawn and my Daddy to the rescue, it turned out that a few baby bottle parts had gotten caught on the heating coil in the bottom of the dishwasher. Now I’m just dying to get the smell out of the house…it’s 40-something degrees outside! Burrrr!

Catching up


So, there is so much to catch up on. I guess we will just start with the current things and work our way back.

The most recent news is that Miss Priss has cut her first two teeth. The first tooth came in the day I left for Jackson for Crop Connection (a scrapbooking convention). I found out after Shawn called to check in after he put her to bed. Apparently, the daycare workers found it that day and told my dad when he picked her up. They didn’t want to be the ones to tell me. So, they left it up to Shawn. Of course, I started crying in front of 160+ women when I found out. Oh well. She cut her second tooth this morning.

This week marks the third week of double ear infections. It has not been fun at all, but we are blessed it took 8 months to get her first one. I will have to say, though, that she is a good sick baby. Bless her heart! She just hasn’t been herself. We are on the mend now. We hope.

On Tuesday, Dylan made her first progress into crawling. We were so proud of her. Of course, she hasn’t mastered it, but she is improving by leaps and bounds!

I hate she is growing up so fast, but I can’t wait for what she surprises us with next!

Pictures to come soon!